Visiting the Town Centre

Leatherhead is not a large town, about 9,000 population, but it contains a surprising selection of shops, activities and events that draw visitors from nearby towns and villages. The town is also well placed for visits to the stunning countryside that surrounds the whole of Leatherhead. Well marked paths and guided walking routes quickly lead from the town centre to open countryside.

A good starting point for visitors is the Help Shop right in the centre of Leatherhead. Knowledgeable and friendly staff can provide a range of advice and information. There is a comprehensive stock of printed guides and leaflets. Town trails and riverside trails can be found there, providing an introduction to the town and its history, culture and natural beauty.

This section of the web site covers some of the facilities that a visitor might be looking for from a visit to the town. As well as shopping and eating establishments, there is an introduction to some of Leatherhead's special urban parks and open spaces.

The town is fortunate to have its own purpose built theatre. However, it functions as much more than a theatre, providing a focus for arts and entertainment. A large Leisure Centre on the edge of the town caters for those who are searching for more physical challenges.

Above all, Leatherhead is a friendly town. The pedestrianised High Street makes access to the centre of the town an easy and enjoyable experience. Within the town and around it you will find more than enough to make an extended visit a worthwhile and memorable experience.

More Info

Leatherhead Help Shop

c/o Leatherhead Library, The Mansion, Church Street KT22 8DP 

Telephone 01306 885001.

The Help Shop is open from 9.00am until 4.30pm Tuesday to Saturday

Please note the Help Shop closes for lunch between 1.15pm and 2.00pm Tuesday to Saturday

and is closed on Sunday's and Monday's.